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Managed Security

What we think, or what we know, or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do.

John Ruskin

Building and staffing a managed security services operation is an expensive undertaking for healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations of all sizes and maintaining it on a 24×7 basis, monitoring the activities and protection of IT and OT infrastructures, networks and information systems.

Yet, the visibility and actionable insights that can be derived from a managed security service is important for any business in today’s threat landscape.

Prevent Threats Before They Become a Problem

Medicare Network’s managed security services provide a systematic approach to managing your organization's security needs, giving you unified enterprise security that uses machine learning to identify sophisticated attack patterns.

Our solutions give you comprehensive managed detection and response services on a global scale, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) driven threat intelligence and indicators of compromise (IOC) feeds to add layers of protection to both your IT and OT infrastructure environments.

We add value to your organisation by providing you with key metrics and analytics about your security posture as well as access to world-class incident response services to help reduce the cost of maintaining your security resources and improve your outcomes.

Delivering Hybrid Security

Defending your facilities and organization against increasingly sophisticated risk of cybercrime with a certified managed security services platform can be specifically tailored to your organization’s needs. For example, many customers benefit from a managed security information and event management (SIEM) service because of the deep visibility and analytics it provides.

We will take on the day-to-day activities of defence of your network, systems and infrastructure by monitoring real-time logs. In addition, our services include round-the-clock monitoring and management of intrusion, security assessments, security testing and responding to incidents.

If you do not employ an in-house team, have budgetary constraints or want to focus on performing your core business activities and not security, then why not see how our services can help.

A Flexible Approach

Our managed security services operate and, in some cases, fills the gap as an extension of your internal IT security function by delivering a range of security services. Providing affordable access to experienced analysts, advisors and engineers with deeper security expertise than normally financially feasible to retain long term in-house.

Operational Readiness - Medicare Network
Operational Readiness Review
Content Development
& Scenario Testing
Analytics Platform Processing

Review architecture, deep dive, log sources and operational readiness checklist

Threat Framework applied at the SIEM level to baseline security logs. Use cases developed to map attack vectors to security controls

Email alerts and rules are developed to track events directly to our Managed Security Operations

Automated functions are created to allow of data enrichment and ticket escalation and resolving

Our Incident Response team will initiate the resolution of an identified issue, followed by customer feedback and post-incident review

Discover the possibilities with our
Managed Security Services

Our advice isn’t theoretical; it’s informed by practical experience, delivering cyber security services to some of the biggest companies in the world and more recently to clients in healthcare, pharmaceuticals and life sciences.

Learn about how we can help design and develop, assist and support your business.

The Partnership You Can Count On

Don’t let a skills gap or staffing shortage stand in the way of your success.

Purpose built solutions help your organization achieve business outcomes with confidence. Anything's possible when you put the power of certainty to work.

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