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Professional Services

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created.


Albert Einstein

In today’s world traditional professional services provide incomplete, fragmented offerings, delivered by contractors unfamiliar with the products or the threat landscape, focusing on tactical approaches only, and implementing partial solutions to solve business problems.

Enhance Adoption and Transformation

Medicare Network Professional Services can help you accelerate automation, enhance efficiency and reduce risk, and cost. Drawing on a wealth of technical expertise, our professional services support pre-implementation discovery, planning and design activities, identifying cybersecurity controls to best protect an existing infrastructure, budget, staff resources, and business requirements in a changing cybersecurity landscape of security threats and compliance technologies.

We will work with you to help analyse your specific requirements, plan and manage the implementation process, configure and train your team on the new systems to assist your adoption and on-going use.

Implementation Planning

Identifying ‘best-of-breed’ cybersecurity solutions is just one element to any transformational security strategy. Whether a tactical deployment to support delivery of a project, or a more strategic investment to define, manage and operate digital enterprise, be assured that we measure our success by yours.

Establish a consistent framework to meet your desired organizational outcomes:

  • Implementation - Ensuring that we operate according to good and best practices guiding principles, using optimal settings and are making the best use of the technology and/or management software functionality

  • Configuration - Identifying the most efficient configuration of the technology to meet your security goals and capabilities, while also reflecting the current threat landscape and future trends

  • Health-Check - Following a complete audit of your technology settings and network environment as part of our Health-Check Service, our security consultants provide you with a comprehensive report, including actionable recommendations on how to improve security and/or systems management efficiency

  • Training - Enabling your team to harness the full power of your new security solution and to prepare for their new tasks by training them in the most effective use of the security technology in your specific environment

Discover the possibilities with our Professional Services

Our advice isn’t theoretical; it’s informed by practical experience, delivering cyber security services to some of the biggest companies in the world and more recently to clients in healthcare, pharmaceuticals and life sciences.

Learn about how we can help design and develop, assist and support your business.

The Partnership You Can Count On

Don’t let a skills gap or staffing shortage stand in the way of your success.

Purpose built solutions help your organization achieve business outcomes with confidence. Anything's possible when you put the power of certainty to work.

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