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Technology has become the lifeblood of the healthcare sector

Cyber Threats

Healthcare providers are among the institutions in which we place the most trust, with critical infrastructure vital to the well-being and safety of the public. Hospital trusts, medical institutes, pharmaceuticals and life sciences organizations handle proprietary and sensitive assets, bringing new and evolving security challenges in a digital age.

In the age of digitization and more technologies inter-connecting, increasingly exposes institutions, providers and organizations operating in the healthcare sector to both generic and targeted cyber-attacks.

Rethink your Approach to Cyber Threats

Innovative Security goes Beyond
Perimeter Security

The changing landscape and constant evolution of cyber threats means that protection-levels and education for staff is a continuing process for every business. Medicare Network’s primary focus is providing integrated cybersecurity solutions to global healthcare, pharmaceuticals and life sciences organizations and providers of all sizes to prevent, detect and recover from a cyber-attack.

Delivering the precise capabilities needed to build a highly adaptive, straightforward cybersecurity ecosystem, without adding complexity to critical processes or impairing the speed and efficiency of  your IT and OT infrastructures.

People, Process and Technology

Working closely with healthcare institutions and other healthcare sector organizations, we aim to achieve and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your cybersecurity environment.

Testing your technology to discover cybersecurity gaps is only part of the overall solution. You must assess your people and processes to achieve a holistic cybersecurity strategy across your networks, endpoints, applications and medical devices.


Medicare Network offers a comprehensive cybersecurity service to address and ensure that all scenarios and possible attack vectors are managed, and in the event your environment gets compromised, incidents are quickly contained and remediated.

Helping Organizations Reshape their Workplace Culture

Learn more about our strategic advisory consulting, incident response, design and deployment services to cloud and managed security services offerings to see how we can integrate with your business to help you innovate without introducing risk, and mature your cybersecurity program.

Cyber Security

Assess, build and manage your cybersecurity capabilities and respond to incidents.

Cyber Security - Medicare Network

Security Consulting

Prevention is better than cure, ensure security is embedded through everything you do.

Security Consulting - Medicare Network

Professional Services

Consultation, implementation, and configuration aligned with security good practices.

Professioal Services - Medicare Network

Managed Security Services

Protecting critical assets from compromise through Managed Detection and Response.

Managed Security Services - Medicare Network

ICS/SCADA Security

Service uptime, data integrity, compliance and safety safeguards to critical assets.

ICS SCADA Security - Medicare Network

Medical Devices Security

Ensuring safeguards and limit medical devices exposure impacts used in patient care.

Medial Devices Security - Medicare Network
Evolve your Cybersecurity

With true global experience of different industries and cross-sector understanding, our security consultants and professional advisors means, they also bring business strategy expertise to analyse the challenges, advise on cost-effective cybersecurity solutions, align and seamlessly integrate the projects to your company-level strategy and goals.

Solving your cybersecurity challenges from innovation to regulation and patient engagement. Let’s discover how to optimize your existing resources and design a strategic roadmap to achieve your vision and business goals by reducing your cyber threat footprint.

Protecting against Cyber Threats
is a Journey, not a Destination

Cybersecurity is a journey, not a destination, and there is no silver bullet, however, healthcare providers, pharmaceuticals and life sciences organizations need to develop a security mindset and work with trusted security consultants and professional advisors if you are going to improve your chances of not becoming a victim of cybercrime.

Here’s what you can expect on your journey to improving your cybersecurity environment with us:

Avoid Cyber Threats - Medicare Network
Cyber Threats Visibility


Known Cyber Threats

Known Threats

Unknown Cyber Threats



Security Lifecycle


Management of Cybersecurty


Using a cybersecurity framework helps to standardize your cybersecurity and risk management position. It can be used to benchmark an organizations current security operation and each core function represents a security lifecycle, and each function is essential to a well-operating security posture and successful management of cybersecurity risks.

Are you ready to begin your journey?
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