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Medicare Network is an agile and innovative global cyber security services company dedicated to solving and supporting organizations and institutions operating in the healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences healthcare sector. Helping these organizations embrace industry disruption as an opportunity, by providing proven cybersecurity advice and innovative solutions used to counter and respond to the most sophisticated and targeted cyber-attacks.

Medicare Network is structured to deliver a broad range of cybersecurity, risk management, medical device security, industrial control systems (ICS) and managed security solutions to its clients around the world.

Medicare Network’s partnership ecosystem is composed of ‘best-of-breed’ products and solutions, delivering value and excellence to institutions and organizations across the global. Leveraging award-winning technologies consisting of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) that are disrupting the status quo and assessing those that are likely to be game changers, reduce costs and complexity of security and compliance.

At a glance
Working for You

Confidentiality is an important attribute to many of the institutions and organizations we engage and do business with, so we do not identify our clients as a matter of course. We are vendor agnostic committed to helping our clients build organizations that are secure, compliant and resilient in an age of an ever-changing cyber risk landscape.

Our Busness
Our Business

Our company very much uses a team approach to address client’s cyber security, risk management, medical device security, ICS and managed security needs. Each client relationship is co-ordinated by a client executive, who draws from our many industry and risk specialties to assemble the right resources to analyse, measure, and help manage the risks.

Talented People

People are our greatest asset, we work to attract, motivate, develop and retain the best talent and equip our people with the right skills for the future.

Our performance and ability to thrive globally depends on it.​

Technology and Innovation

New technologies are enabling us to provide secure, safe and more efficient solutions. We recognize the significant impact of advances in digital technology and have placed this at the heart of our company strategy.

We selectively research and with the potential to add greatest value to your business in this digital age.

Partnerships and Collaboration

Many digital technologies are already in place across the industry, but with the increasing pace of change, it is essential to spot the next waves of opportunities and digital developments.

We aim to build enduring relationships with customers, partners, suppliers and communities in the countries where we operate and beyond.

Governance and Oversight - Medicare Network

Governance and Oversight

Our risk management systems and policies provide a consistent and clear framework for managing and reporting risks.

The board regularly reviews how we identify, evaluate and manage risks in accordance to the company’s risk appetite.

To further support our clients' strategic, digital transformation and workplace services goals, we provide cyber security, security consulting, medical device security and managed security services through dedicated global risk teams and industry practices.

Our security consultants and professional advisers apply their experience and knowledge of client’s industries to provide broad-based risk coverage and reduce our client’s cyber risk footprint.

Our Strategy

In a world where the pace of change is rapid and sometimes unexpected, leaders need to act nimbly, and decisively. We provide strategic and guidance by tailoring our cybersecurity, risk management and managed security solutions based on a thorough understanding of your business, objectives, and risk profile.

This approach entails the following three steps:

  • Define risks and opportunities by understanding your business, and identifying, quantifying, and gauging your tolerance to risk. Then we determine “what and how” much risk to manage, mitigate, or transfer.

  • Design solutions based on a data analytics-driven approach to support decision making. We build solution options from which to make risk management, mitigation, and transfer decisions.

  • Deliver results by using our comprehensive capabilities and optimally designed set of risk solutions, to provide solutions that help you manage, mitigate, and transfer risk costs.


We aim to bring a unique perspective to support the end-to-end role your organization plays in driving better patient outcomes, sustaining a strong health economy and enhancing the reputation of the healthcare, pharmaceuticals and life sciences healthcare sector.

Our Strategy

In today's world, it is almost impossible to escape compliance and regulations no matter what your industry, the size of your company or even geographical location. Organizations operating within the healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences industry sectors are obligated to comply with several legal and regulatory requirements, greatly expanding the scope of their regulatory efforts.

We are not immune from compliance but use it as a benchmark to ensure that we conform to all appropriate policies, standards and good working practices. Compliance is embedded into our company’s DNA and the business principles that we operate under.

This is combined with a desire to ensure consistency and control over our operational practices. This ensures that our high standards of service are continually monitored and maintained throughout our company.

Customer Care

At Medicare Network we strongly believe in customer service and customer satisfaction comes from treating people the way we'd expect to be treated if the roles were reversed. We aim to be a true extension of your organization – providing an efficient and responsive service.

As a service provider, we provide a single point of contact to deliver on-going support, answer your queries quickly and get you back up and running if things go wrong:

  • We listen and we make changes to our processes and procedures based on what our clients tell us about performance, expectations, and preferences.

  • We improve our operations based on feedback with a continuous and on-going process.


In general, clients expect the companies they do business with to be accessible, accurate, timely, and responsive, which is the foundation good customer services is built on.

Customer Service
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