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Who We Are

About Us

Medicare Network is a global cyber security company specializing in cybersecurity, risk management and managed security services dedicated to the healthcare sector. The company was formed in 2005 and was created with one simple goal in mind, to deliver quality cybersecurity services and solutions to medical facilities and pharmaceutical organizations to help build trust and confidence in a digital age.

Our ethos is one of collaboration and partnerships, helping private and public sector organizations operating within healthcare, pharmaceuticals and life sciences to quantify (avert threats, identify gaps) and effectively manage risks. Providing independent, tailored advice and services that span the cybersecurity lifecycle, helping organizations develop scalable programs to improve their security posture, achieve their business objectives and goals.

The bottom line is not what is important to us but, ensuring that we provide quality services and solutions to deliver exceptional customer care and transparent support to clients to fuel their continued success.

Values, Mission
Our Values
  • Our values outline the guiding principles of how we do business and it reflects our commitment to operating according to strong, shared ethical values, integrity and respect, which are embedded into the DNA of our company.

  • Our culture is built on the principles of autonomy, flexibility and trust, fostering a diverse, inclusive and respect for the rules whilst conducting business that forms the foundation of our relationships built on trust with all stakeholders.

  • Placing value in our people through training and development, listening and dialogue, our commitment safeguards and supports professionalism and supportive work environment that enables our people to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

  • It guides the strategic choices and daily activities of all those who work and collaborate with us. The values capture our shared aspirations and expectations, and guide how we make decisions and treat others – they’re what makes us, who we are.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of services, exceed clients’ expectations, meet industry compliance requirements and consistently set exceptional professional standards for the delivery of services.

We aim to broaden and elevate the global credibility of Medicare Network by adapting and responding to the continually changing demands of the global healthcare, pharmaceuticals and life sciences industry sectors.

Our vision and values support this mission, ensuring that every client receives the highest standard of service from a company which prides itself on excellence – from the provisioning and delivery of professional and managed services.

Our Vision

Excellence is at the heart of our organization. We draw on the collective experience and deep cultural diversity of our workforce to broaden and enhance Medicare Network’s standing in the global market today.

Our focus will be built on organic growth and adaption to the ever-changing landscape of the public and private sectors. Building and adopting proven methodologies, we will work effectively with clients to deliver set core competencies.

We will focus on clients’ needs, help our clients to grow and prepare for the future whilst cultivating a working environment within which our employees can flourish.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team has over 50 years of combined experience working for both private and public sector organizations worldwide, offering a balanced and business focused approach. Our background spans a broad range of different industry sectors, which have included healthcare, pharmaceuticals and life sciences organizations. We benefit from a diverse network of industry associates and consultants who give us an unrivalled insight into our clients’ needs.

We’ve built our team specifically from individuals chosen for their understanding of business principles and their ability to contribute to improving the provision of services:

  • This talent for day-to-day business, combined with a complete understanding of these industries, serves as the cornerstone for Medicare Network.

  • This level of expertise and professionalism allows us to bring together the right skills, resources, and planning all-under one roof, allowing the strengths of one department to compliment, boost and empower others.


These principles are the foundation of our company itself and form the basis of our present success and what we will take with us into the future.

Our leadership team has ultimate responsibility for the success of Medicare Network and for delivering sustainable value within a framework of prudent and effective controls. They establish Medicare Network's strategic aims and set the values and standards to ensure its obligations to all clients and business partners are met.

Our Commitment

At Medicare Network we value integrity, professionalism and commitment, maintaining relationships with our clients and business partners that we work with.


Using our years of experience gained working across different industries, we take the time to fully understand and satisfy our clients requirements based on their organization's business objectives and goals.

We’re committed to constantly improving our performance and services to deliver a fast, efficient and high-quality service in this increasingly competitive and demanding industries.


This continuous commitment is essential in order to help our clients face the daily challenges they are presented with now and in the future.

Our Code of Conduct

Our company clearly defines what Medicare Network expects from its employees, associates, consultants and partners, and what they can expect from us. We provide guidance in key areas with emphasis to our operating procedures and working practices. Medicare Network certifies its compliance with our code of conduct as part of our annual certification process, which covers four key areas:

  • Health, Safety, Security, and the Environment – includes basic health, safety and environmental information and sets out fundamental rules

  • Employees – standards of employee conduct, including fair treatment and equal opportunities

  • Business partners – guidance concerning gifts, entertainment, conflicts of interest, competition, trade restrictions and working with suppliers

  • Company assets and financial integrity – guidance on the use of company property, proprietary information and intellectual property


Medicare Network’s code of conduct forms the foundation of our commitment to comply with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements. This is critical to enable us to operate professionally and within these industry sectors and allows us to set high ethical standards in all our undertakings. 

We work hard to make sure that the integrity of our company remains a priority for everyone, every day, and at every level of Medicare Network. This is just one of the many ways in which we continually reinforce the values on which our company is built.

Code of Conduct
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